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Community building

"No matter whom we meet our conversations are always engaging, relatable and informative"

A cut above the rest

"Always creating safe spaces for difficult conversations between black men"

Uplifting each other

"We engage black men like no other because we are about uplifting and educating our community properly"

We care for our brothers

"Where self-care meets communal support and your manhood is respected, valued, and held in the highest regard"

From an idea to reach Black Fathers in barbershops…

We engage black men and men alike in spaces where they already commune, trust and rely on. Our influence gives them the supportive hand they require, appreciate and truly deserve. 


The program’s objective is to enhance the involvement of African-Caribbean fathers and father figures in their children’s lives to create a positive influence. The program has proven successful not only in strengthening the bond between children and fathers in the Black community but also in fostering a positive sense of community. 

Benefits include:

Practical fathering strategies:Through discussions ranging from parenting strategies to education to cultural identity, fathers explore culturally appropriate fathering resources and information that leads to increased involvement.

Fostering strong community leaders: Local barbers act as leaders and resources for African- Canadian fathers.

Vibrant community centres: Local barbershops act as hubs for mutual support and community building.

Voices of the Shop is a series of regularly facilitated conversations with African-Caribbean fathers, held in neighbourhood barbershops. This unique outreach and educational program was established in 2006 in response to a need for to engage, sustain, and nurture Black men.

We are creating supportive and reliable spaces for a venerable and elusive community of black men. We conduct imperative conversations around manhood, family, careers, and mental health with the aim to help them advance individually and collectively.

Many community leaders commented on the need for stronger father involvement in the lives of children to foster better outcomes for children and protect youth from negative influences.

Why the barbershop?

.The barbershop is an established meeting place for Black fathers to socialize and bond. The shop presents an ideal venue for lively conversations about universal parenting issues that have a particular resonance within the Black community. Barbershops played a vital role in the cultural and economical development of African American communities. It was a space where African American men interacted with each other, regardless of age, class, education, occupation, etc. These barbershops displayed social and cultural appreciation to both its visitors and owners. Not only were they able to get [great] haircuts, but also talk about their own lives, listen to others’ and make new connections within the community.




Meet our shop Animators

Our team brings over 30 years of community development and engagement in grassroots work. They are a devoted team that goes anywhere and everywhere to build and support community.


Dalton Higgins is a PR strategist & publicist, author of six books, festival producer, National Magazine Award-winning print journalist and TV/radio/podcast personality, and Ryerson University’s Music-Professional-in-Residence Higgins is a leading Toronto-based publicist whose active roster includes clients that have won a wide range of Awards and accolades including: Grammy Awards (USA), BET Awards (USA), Mercury Prize (UK), Victoires de la Musique/French Grammy’s (France), Emmy Awards (USA), Juno Awards (Canada), in addition to Grammy Award (USA), Grammis/Swedish Grammy’s (Sweden) and Polaris Prize (Canada) nominees.

Kai ner Maa

gkai is a co-founder of 2 African centred schools in Toronto. He has spent the past 3 0 years bringing to life cultural stories that seek to the high values developed by people of Afrikandescent over from around the world.. He has been the Program director of Right path worlds Arts Centre as well as a wellness instructor for more than 20 years.. He is the author of OshunRa and the 7 dragons of Sekerta with 4 more children's plays to be converted to book format.. He is a retired martial arts instructor(2nd degree) and current chair of dance immersion.. Kai also brings strong clinical skills to his work with supporting families.


We walk with those who came before us and our conversations are always inspired with love and appreciation of the sacrifices commitment and vision that keep us on the path of healing, unification, and nation building. Our shop conversations are communal gatherings where all are welcome inclusive of those observing from the inner realm.

  • I like the idea of Black People getting together. This is my first time and I love it!
    Jamaal Everest
  • I truly enjoyed the topic. Very intriguing and enjoying. Cool Vibe...
    Harald Smith
  • You guys always bring great information. Great Talk we need more of this....  
    Alex Moore

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